Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Columbus Day Hike

Joseph had Columbus Day off so we decided to have a picnic and a hike on our favorite trail when our grand plans of apple picking and going to the beach were thwarted.
Sophie was so excited to walk by herself like a big girl this time, which of course made our hike 3 times as long because the girl cannot pass a rock without picking it up and throwing it.  She also loves to carry sticks, especially big ones.
Avery rode in my pack until Sophie got out of hers, then switched to the big one on daddy's back.  She loved it.
She thought she could head up the same hill that Sophie did but found it was a little more difficult in clunky shoes than she would have liked.
We saw a beautiful view of our city from the top (although Sophie was convinced it was a new, secret city we had just discovered).  Avery entertained herself most of the time by stealing daddy's hat off her head and putting it on her own.


shelly said...

I like that last pic, very cute!

Annie said...

hooray for hikes!

and, i love how when you describe what sophie has been up to i just nod my head and say, yup, yup. sounds exactly like our girls. rocks, sticks, magical secret cities.

love those girlies!

The Lambs said...

you guys have a great location up there with those mountains so close- glad to see you take advantage of them! Abd cute pumpkin pics too. Keep us posted on harvest activities- we'll try and come join you for some.