Monday, October 26, 2009

A Whirlwind Day

We headed to San Diego a couple weeks ago to spend the day and started it off at Sea World.  We only got one show in but the girls' favorite part of the day ended up being the old Cap'n Kids play area that used to be my favorite as a child as well.  I couldn't believe it when Sophie wanted to climb the big nets, but she did, so we attempted it and she did great!  We pretended we were spiders in a web like Charlotte in Charlotte's Web and that helped get her to the top.  Once we were back on solid ground we spent some time in front of the silly mirrors that made us look really short and squat.  Sophie thought those were hilarious.  I kinda preferred the one that made us tall and super skinny. :)

We spent the majority of the time in this play area, though.  Sophie figured out that if you step on a block it will give way and send you sprawling all over the floor in funny positions.

She liked to monopolize all the blocks and brought them all to our corner.  You can tell how the other girls there felt about her greediness.

Avery also loved this area and would get on top of these blocks and then fall off the back of them and come up smiling every time.  Joseph and I are thinking about putting in this kind of floor in our dream house play room someday.

We visited the star fish before leaving.  Avery mostly loved splashing in the water but Sophie actually picked the little guys up and was good about keeping them in the water to play with them, except for a quick picture.

Then we headed off to Qualcomm Stadium to watch BYU play San Diego State.  Sophie exclaimed after we were there a few minutes "Mama, we don't have to watch them on TV!  We get to see them in real life!"  She thought that was pretty cool, and it was fun getting to see them play one time this year.  It was a fun game to be at since literally almost half the crowd were BYU fans, so whenever we did something good it was like being at a home game with all the cheers.

We got to be there with my brothers Geoff and Peter and also Abby, Austin, and Gabe.  After the game Geoff treated us to a delicious meal at Roy's that I will never forget.  Thanks, Bro!  And thanks for getting us our tickets to the game, Pete!

We wish the Cougars could have performed as well against TCU last Saturday as they did against SDSU the Saturday before, but oh well.  That's life I guess.  We had a long, whirlwind day, but it was very fun and very worth it.


m said...

Nice to remember the better days the team had, isn't it?! Thanks for posting such cute pictures all the time, even though I don't comment as often as I should.

The Hyer Family said...

Oh wait, you are tall and skinny...ha ha!

Erin said...

There's nothing better than football in the fall! That's fun that you got to go. Mike went to the TCU game and it wasn't such a pleasant experience.

Sunny said...

Your girls are so beautiful! I loved the pics of Sophie.

Annie said...

wow- i would have napped for a week after a day like that: )

way to represent at the game! it's nice to see all of you guys together.