Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Adorable Avery

Avery is currently 19 months old and is at such a fun stage right now. I love seeing her cute personality unfold daily. She is a happy-go-lucky little girl and Joseph and I are crossing our fingers that she stays that way. Her vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds right now and she's stringing more and more words together to form sentences all the time. Her first 4-word sentence was a few weeks ago and was "Avery cereal all gone." She loves to repeat everyone's name in the room over and over as she points to each person and is simply a sweet little bundle of joy.

We went to Disneyland with some friends a couple weeks ago and saw this little guy on our way in. Sophie was too scared to get close to him but Avery wasn't. She loves to say "Polly wanna cracker?" to parrots and loved being so close to this one.

She got scared on a few of the rides that day but loved the Buzz Lightyear ride that we finally tried out for our first time ever. She didn't get to shoot the gun, but Mommy and Sophie made sure to get all the bad guys for her.

Avery has really curly hair in the back, especially when the air is humid. This is what it does right after a bath, but then of course it gets all flattened when she takes a nap. I love it.

The front isn't as curly as the back but it sometimes gets a few curls going up there, too.

Avery also loves to mimic me on the phone. She started out by saying "Hewo? Good! Hewo? Good!" over and over. Now when she's on the phone with Gramma she'll say things like "Miss you!" while blowing kisses, or "I love you!" She also laughs a lot, which is funny because I didn't know I did that very much. Maybe she got it from her daddy.

The thing that kills me, though, is how she's started holding the phone between her ear and shoulder like she sees me do when I'm multi-tasking while I talk. Hilarious.

We went to Elmo's birthday party at our local bookstore last week and Avery was mesmerized by him. The girls don't watch a ton of Elmo's world but they definitely know who he is, so I was curious what they'd think when they saw him. They generally don't like characters whose faces they can't see and rather gravitate to the princesses at Disneyland whose faces are uncovered. They were both a little scared at first, but it didn't take long until Avery would go right up close and just stare. I finally did get her to give him a high five, but that's all she would do. No hugs for her.

They got to eat Elmo cupcakes after singing him Happy Birthday, which was a big hit, of course. They love anything with sugar in it; now where did they get that from? :)

Avery is just a happy, sweet little girl who brings so much laughter and joy into our home. She's not our little Peanut so much anymore (she now is up to 23 lbs!) but she's still pretty petite and I believe the adage "Good things come in small packages" fits her to a tea. Thanks for being our sweet girl, Avery Jane! We love you!


Alison said...

You are right! She is adorable!! I can't believe she is almost 2! Wow! Where does the time go, eh? And only 23 pounds! Gosh, Drew out weighed her at 9 months old! That is nice for carrying, though. Oh, hey, can't wait to see you guys in March!! That was so sweet of your parents.

Jenny W said...

Becky-Sue, She is a DOLL!! So pretty :) (Like her mama) So fun reading about her fun personality too-since I haven't gotten to be around her as much....And loved your family pentatholon idea! Congrats on being the winner! Oh-the pics you got of the kids being thrown in the air (on your hike) are priceless!! Love ya :)

Carrie said...

That's so sweet. She is darling. And I must say, if I saw a huge Elmo I would be freaked out of my gord, so props to her for giving him a high 5!

m said...

Becky, you are so good with the camera at capturing that photogenic, little sprite! Oh, how I miss those two already!!