Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tiny Dancer

Sophie started her first dance class a few weeks ago and I think we can safely say that she's fallen in love. She has been excited about dancing ever since we signed her up several weeks ago and bought her leotard and dance shoes. So I was a little surprised when she was a little trepidatious her first time there and wasn't so sure she really wanted to do it after all. I'm glad that wore off quickly and that she's enjoyed it since her first "I'm a Little Teapot" move that very first day.

The first day was all ballet, but they've gotten to do a little tap dancing since (which is my first love). Who knows if she'll ever stick with any dancing at all, but I'm glad that she's enjoying it for now at least.

They were all so funny to watch the first day. Sophie did a good job following her teacher, Ms. Paula's, directions. She marched, galloped, and tiptoed with all the other girls like a champ.

She kept turning around to tell me she was dancing! She was so excited. I just kept thinking the entire time how much she's grown up and how big she's getting. But she's still my Tiny Dancer as Elton John (or Tim Mcgraw) would say.

The end of the finale dance--hooray! We made it and are a full-fledged dancing girl now.

She dances all over the house now, even more than before her class started. And as you can see, literally half the day she is in one of her dress-up dresses. She usually starts in regular clothes, but almost always by the time Joseph gets home from work she's changed into one of these dresses. He always asks if she's wore that all day, and sometimes the answer is "yes". What can I say, she believes she really is a princess! And to us, she is.


shelly said...

Oh, I can't wait for Aves to start this. Both of our Aves! =) I love that she has to tell you during class that she's dancing. Ty's Lydia announces what she's doing, too, and he always says it's like "I'm sailing!" on What About Bob =)

Katie said...

I look forward to doing that with Lucy!

Lindsay said...

so so cute. She looks so proud of herself. I really like her hot pink leotard.

Carrie said...

She is so darling! Glad she is having so much fun!

Meridith said...

Sophie is so cute dancing now. I need to get Paige into something like that. She would love it! I enjoyed reading your posts and all the fun things your up to these days.

Deborah Austin said...

Honestly I don't really want to go private, It's all your cousins fault. No really he is really big on me going private and he is the one who keeps asking me to do it, and I keep dragging my feet over it. I like not being private for lots of reasons. But there is that small ounce of sicko's out there who follow you and turn your pictures in to child porn and such and with 4 girls and even boys it is a concern I have so It is so hard I don't really want to but I think I should especially since he is so sure we need to. Convince him otherwise will ya:) I would probably leave it open. Anyway that was a long explanation.

Your girls are so cute Sophie looks like she loves dance. I am toying with putting my girls in dance we will see. If they could dance like you guys when they grow up I would do It. I'd just rather they not join the cheer squad if you know what I mean, no slam to cheerleaders my sister was one I just wouldn't mind avoiding that dept. at my house:) Avery looks just like Joseph and I think Sophie looks more like you. They are both just adorable!

The Lambs said...

We love our Sophie-girl!