Thursday, May 06, 2010

The LA Zoo

I finally made it with the girls to the LA Zoo. We went on a beautifully sunny day last week with a friend from MOMS Club and had a fun time.

The girls could have stared at the flamingos all day. Sophie couldn't get over how they could just sleep on one leg and twist their head all the way around to rest on their back as they slept.

Am I the only person who thinks the zoo is the worst place to try to take pictures of your children? Of course they NEVER want to turn around and look at you and the camera when the action is the other direction, but that's the only way to get them and the animals in the pictures together. So this is the best I got.

Therefore, the rest of our pictures are either just kids or just animals, or backs of kids' heads with animals, which isn't my favorite. The other favorite animals of the day were the giraffes. You forget just how tall they are until you get up close to one, or see it standing right next to a measuring pole.

I read somewhere that many giraffes have their babies standing up, so a baby giraffe's first introduction into the world is a several foot drop to the ground. That doesn't sound cool. But they seem to get over it. And they really are so pretty.

The girls also loved watching the gorillas, especially the one that clapped along with them. We had a fun day, even if I got to push a heavy double stroller up and down hills for several hours. It was a good workout, and heaven knows I could use more of those. :)

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Jordan and Jandee said...

Its true, every picture I have of Ike at the zoo is of the back of his head unless we are completely away from any animal, which kinda defeats the purpose of taking pictures at the zoo anyway :)