Saturday, May 01, 2010

Random Jensen Happenings

We finger painted with something a little different recently. The girls are used to painting with real paints, and usually their bodies see more of the paint than the paper does. Well, this time we mixed it up a little and finger painted with pudding.

Sophie did really well at using her chocolate and banana pudding to create a cool-looking tree before she ate much of it.

But as soon as Avery discovered that I would let her eat this kind of "paint" and that it tasted really good, the only thing she painted was the inside of her mouth.

Sophie doesn't draw much and has never been all that interested in coloring, but she was really into it when the only medium was this gooey stuff and her fingers.

The girls love the park. I wish we had a swing set of our own in the back yard. (someday--sigh!)

Avery is my swinging girl. She would swing the entire time we're at the park if I'd let her. And she doesn't sit back in the swing like normal. Ever since she was 6 months old and we stuck her in one, she's always leaned way forward and hung like a rag doll while I push. I love that she still does it a year and a half later.

Sophie loves it when I'm on my computer and she can sit next to me on daddy's computer and "type an email". She knows most of her letters and loves it when we open up a word document and she can find the letters on the keyboard and type them onto the page. For some reason her favorite letter to find is a Q. And don't mind my nice jewelry with my robe. I spend most of my day at home in this robe because I'm always cold. I think this was after church one Sunday and I just threw my robe on over my church clothes. Joseph loves the eclectic look that always produces, but hey, it keeps me warm!


Jessica Hughes said...

O we love to water paint outside all the time we also love to paintwith the real stuff too. Paige would swing all day too. Your girls are so cute. Thanks again so much for bringing Paige home.

Holly or James said...

You're such a great mom to let them make a mess with all that pudding,"finger painting". WOW! THat must have been fun to clean up! (:

Jenny W said...

What fun ideas Becky-Sue :) And I love the robe with jewelry look....Smashing!!