Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Jonny 'n Jamie

My little brother Jonny was married to his beautiful bride Jamie on June 18th, 2010. We were so happy to be able to be there for the festivities and the wedding.

Jonny is a very lucky guy to have nabbed this girl. Jamie is awesome and we love having her in our family!

The weekend fun began with a wedding dinner the evening before the big day.

My parents put this together and did a fabulous job. Great food, great company (lots of family came from both sides!), and good entertainment. What more can you ask for?

They asked us siblings to put together a little song for the dinner, so Peter had the great idea to rewrite "Jesse's Girl" and sing "Jonny's Girl". With some help from Abby, I rewrote the words and tried to tell a little about Jonny and Jamie's story in the telling. Then the 4 of us sang it.

We also recruited Scott, Geoff, and Julie to jam out on their rockband instruments during the guitar and drum solo parts. They hammed it up good and were highly entertaining to watch.

On Friday morning Jonny and Jamie were married in the Salt Lake Temple. They make such a cute couple and seemed happy to finally have the big day here!

Avery was so excited to give them hugs after they exited the temple.

Sophie let me curl her hair for the occasion and she was very happy about looking like a princess in her flower girl dress all day.

Both girls love to sing "I Love to See the Temple" and were very excited that they got to go the temple for the wedding.

Sophie had to go touch the outside. Gramma Lamb talked to her about how it was hard rock just like the Savior is our rock.

Having a wedding right in the middle of lunch and naps is not the easiest thing for these kids, but we made it through.

They actually did great right up until we were supposed to do all the family pictures.

That is unfortunately when all the meltdowns began, especially for Sophie. As you can see, there was nothing I could do to convince her to look at the camera. She was done, and she spent the entire picture shoot with her head buried in my shoulder.

I love this picture of all the siblings.

My Mom and Dad had a very busy day, but it's a great kind of busy and they were just so happy for Jonny and Jamie.

Here are some of the Austin side, my Mom's side, who came to the wedding.

And here are some of the Lamb side. I feel really short in this picture, and I don't often feel very short. This side of the family has a tendency to be very tall, as you can see. Actually, this picture is neat because we got to see my cousin Alex who was serving on Temple Square as a missionary, so that was fun to "run into" her.

I love this picture of my Dad. I think this was actually days before the wedding, but it looks almost like he's taking a break between all the craziness to enjoy his cookies dipped in milk. And if you ever wonder why I sit on counters, wonder no more.

The reception was held in the backyard of some friends of my parents, the Boyds, and is the same place where Joseph and I had our reception 5 years ago. It was a trip to go back again because in a way it feels like we were just there, but 2 1/2 kids later, we've definitely done a lot in those 5 years. We all spent the afternoon setting everything up back there and it looked beautiful.

The girls spent the majority of their time on the basketball court driving this. And yes, that's their personal slave Uncle Scott behind them.

Sophie was especially happy about the ice cream that was catered by Leatherby's at the reception. I think she went back for 3rds.

Avery spent all her time at the water table, filling up and then subsequently dumping out cups of water, over and over and over again, much to the chagrin of her parents. If she weren't so darn cute....

My Grandpa and Grandma Lamb are currently serving a mission in the Nauvoo Temple for the summer, but they were given permission to come to the wedding so my Grandpa Lamb could perform the wedding for Jonny and Jamie. He did a great job, and it was so fun to see them for a couple days.

I love this picture of my Grandpa Austin. He spends all his time doing family history and is an absolute family history guru. He's a great example to me.

Jonny and Jamie had their first dance after cutting the cake (which they smashed into each other's mouths and subsequently won me a back rub from Joseph, thank-you-very-much), and throwing the bouquet and the garter. Then they each danced with their mom or dad, and then all 3 couples got out to dance. I love this shot of my parents. They celebrated their anniversary the very next day.

Here are all the bridesmaids with the bride, Jamie's sister and sisters-in-law.

And here are the handsome groomsmen, Jonny's brothers and brothers-in-law. (I love how the one glowing is mine. :D)

Scott being...Scott. Slambdance Revolution!

Avery and Daddy found the tree swing, too. And even though Avery looks terrified here, she really did love it.

I just love weddings! I could go to a wedding a week and be happy. Thanks for giving us a reason to come to yours, Jonny and Jamie! We love you!


shelly said...

Great recap and great pictures, thank you Becky! I feel like I was there =) That's an awesome picture of your folks dancing with Jonnie and his bride in the background. And the close-ups of your girls are amazing! It's still so odd that everybody is growing up!!

Holly or James said...

Glad to finally see pictures of the big day. The whole time I'm thinking, "That Jonny looks JUST like a younger Brother Lamb!" I can't believe how much your brothers look like him! Your girls are so darling too, of course!

By the way, congrats on your boy!! (:

Amy Eaton said...

Beautiful!!! Love weddings!

Ashley Lamb said...

love all the pics. The one of your dad and the graham crackers and milk cracks me up. Totally reminds me of my dad. Oh, gotta love bein a lamb!

Wendy said...

great photos and i love your dress and sophie and avery's dresses. it was so good to see you! i love weddings too.