Friday, August 20, 2010

La Caille

While we were in Utah for Jonny's wedding we decided to take some family pictures with my talented cousin Daryl's wife, McCall. They met us at La Caille and we had a wonderful time.

The girls were pretty pictured-out from the wedding so we wanted to make sure we kept this shoot pretty informal and casual. It was perfect. The girls didn't even know most of the time that we were snapping pictures of them, and they were able to just have fun exploring the beautiful grounds at La Caille.

Here are a few pictures McCall caught on film for us throughout the day.

We loved how they all turned out. McCall, you are incredible! Daryl was the best behind-the-camera guy who kept our girls' attention and kept them smiling (with a lot of bribes of gum), and it was such a fun morning. Thanks again! You two are amazing and we love you! :)


Poppy said...

Such cute pictures...but I'd like to see one where you look pregnant! Beautiful little family!

Alan and Jeni said...

Those are so great! What a beautiful family! I especially love the spunky one of Sophie near the top. And I second Poppy, could you at least try to look pregnant? :)

shelly said...

Oh my gosh---cutest family ever!! I love these. You always post adorable family pictures!

And I third that request for some that show off little number 3 =)

Daryl and McCall said...

I LOVED taking these! You guys were so stinkin' fun and what cute girlies :)

Laura said...

So many good shots of your cute family! I think my favorite though is the one of Sophie with her hand on her hip. :)

m said...

Loved the ring-around-the-rosy. And yes, Sophie's hand on her hip is SO SOPHIE!! I also really liked the mix of b/w with color. You're awesome, McCall! It helps to have a darling family as your subjects!