Wednesday, February 09, 2011

At Our House Lately

I haven't blogged in a really long time, I know. We haven't been especially busy or anything, it's just that life is crazier with 3 and with a baby, plain and simple. But we've been having fun.

Joseph is such a creative dad. Every Tuesday night he gets to figure out something fun to do with the girls while I go to Mutual with William. One week he decided to bring up some boxes for the girls to decorate and after they had turned them into cars, they sat in them and watched a movie. It was their first drive-in and they loved it.

The girls just love to love on their brother. Whether William likes it or not is yet to be determined, but I think he usually leans toward "Please get out of my face."

And this look here says: "Yellow ducks? Really? How am I supposed to be a man with yellow ducks?" Joseph says he's got until 6 months old and then no more ducks. Ever.

The kids' cousin Austin turned 4 recently so we got to celebrate with swimming, pizza, and donuts. They had a blast, as always.

It's really rough living in a place where this is what it looks like outside at the end of January. :)

Me and my bro, Petey-Poo. (Hey, at least I didn't call you your old nickname, the Pooer. :D)

The girls love getting dressed up fancy which is why all the Fancy Nancy books are their favorites.

And sitting in this princess chair was the cherry on top.

I just love Sophie in purple, and she knows it.

The best part about these dresses is how they twirl. Sophie judges a dress's worth by its twirling radius, so this got a 10.

Sophie likes to try her hand at photography every now and then. This is one of the better shots she snapped recently.

Joseph got to go to preschool with Sophie a couple weeks ago for Donuts with Dad day. You can see what color donut Sophie had by looking at her face! She loooooved having daddy there for the morning.

We recently acquired a new member to our family, the softest and definitely biggest member: a love sac. We're just keeping it for my brother for a little while, but the girls love having it here.

The whole family can easily curl up on it, even if you inevitably end up sinking into the center together. That's what makes it so fun.

So that's some of what we've been up to lately. How did it already become February?


Emily Widdison said...

Oh, the life!! I know exactly what you mean about being busy...and with a new baby too! My kids LOVE to decorate boxes too. We will have to try the drive in movie soon. Your girls are sooo beautiful! Prepare yourself now for when they turn 16!! William is cute, but truthfully, I need more pictures of him to really determine his full cuteness:) Or in other words, could you please post some more pictures of that kid!?

MJ said...

Wowzers you have a cute family! I love the one of my bro and three kids piled up on top. :)

m said...

Love the drive-in movie, Joseph. You are the most creative fun-makin' man I've ever known!
Becky, why didn't you tell me how absolutely ADORABLE the purple dresses were?? Julie is rethinking the little girls' dresses now. Can you check in Costco to see if they have one in Nona's size?