Monday, May 21, 2012

Busy April--Easter

We had two Easter egg hunts this year.  One was with some friends for our second annual hunt with them.

Avery squealed with delight after every single egg she opened.  What a sugar junkie.

I think Sophie enjoyed the hunt more than the spoils for the first time.  Her basket was overflowing.

Our first hunt was with our cousins who we spent the day before Easter with.  The kids started things off playing dress up and refused to take them off for the hunt.  My personal favorite was Gabe's get-up; he loved that blue dress and wouldn't take it off.

 Austin was a super hero, of course.

 And the girls were princesses.

 The hunt took us all over the back yard, even onto the trampoline.  Joseph and Peter had fun being the Easter bunnies for the first time.

Even Will found an egg. 

At least he thinks he did. 

 They're wondering why they have to take one more picture instead of getting to their candy.

Here's our sweet kiddos in their Easter finery before church. 

The two handsomest men around. 

 Me and my girls.

The 3 in blue...

 ...and the 2 in pink.

 My favorite people in the whole world.

We might have a few screws loose, but it makes life that much more fun. 

 We dyed eggs and I was proud to say that Avery managed to do it without spilling any dye on her dress.  I think that's a first.

Happy Easter!