Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Busy April--Spring Break

 April Fools' Day kicked off April with a fun practical joke by the girls on Daddy.  We made some vanilla pudding and emptied out a mayonnaise bottle and put the vanilla pudding in.  Joseph had been gone so when he got back I had the girls eating out of the mayo jar and he took one look at them and asked, "What are you eating?  Mayonnaise?"  They responded, "Yeah, Mommy said we could."  He believed them for half a second until he saw that they were enjoying it too much and then he knew they were fooling him.  The girls thought it was awesome and wanted to prank everybody the rest of the night.

 Spring Break began with a trip to the Huntington Library with our friends the Valles.  The kids loved this maze in the grass.

 They ran and ran and ran so I wasn't surprised when they all 3 conked out in the car on the way home.

I love these 3 rascals.

 We ate our sack lunches in the Chinese Gardens.  They were so beautiful!  What an incredible place the Huntington is.

 Our last stop was the children's gardens and it was a good thing we saved it until the end, because Will and Avery got soaked.

He started out just touching the water, but it didn't take long before he was sticking his whole arm in...

 ...then leaning all the way over and sticking his mouth under to drink.  There was nothing I could do to stop him, either!

 I love that I knew to bring extra clothes for Avery and Will because they wouldn't be able to help themselves from getting wet,

 but I didn't bring anything for Sophie, because I knew she would stay dry.  Occasionally I feel like I know my kids!

But she did get her mouth in it too, she just did it gracefully.

 All the kids were in love with this place.  We need to go back again soon!

 There were rainbows coming through the center of this tunnel, and Will was loving them.

 Don't let Avery's look here fool you...she loved getting drenched!

The kids had a cute little tea party in this garden house.

 How sweet is that?  We need one of those for our back yard!

 The next trip during Spring Break was to the beach.  I don't know how kids can still eat things that have sand on them, but it doesn't seem to bother them to bite down and hear a crunch.

The swimsuits are new now but they'll only last for a couple months, especially now that they have sand in the lining that won't go away! 

 Will liked the water so long as I held his hands firmly the whole time, but he was fine spending most of his time right here playing in sand.

 Avery got buried by her siblings and friends and thought that was the coolest thing.

Will was a little confused about why he could only see Avery's head, but he thought it was pretty fun.

Will's little friend Coug is just a few months older than he and they're becoming good little buddies.

One of my favorite Young Women, Megan, came to the beach with us to help keep an eye on all the kids we had running around.  The kids love Megan and had a great time with her there.

 Sophie would spend every single day at the beach or the pool if we'd let her.  I see many more beach trips in our future this summer I think.  We had such a fun Spring Break and it made me excited for summer!

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m said...

ADORABLE beach babes! And I'm so glad you take advantage of all the cool things to do, like Huntington. No regrets, if you ever leave SoCal, about things you coulda/shoulda done while there.