Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Austin Family Reunion

We had a wonderful time with Becky's family at the annual Austin Family Reunion last weekend. Here are some highlights of the fun.

Sophie enjoyed the root beer a little too much! :)

That ball sailed over Joseph's head in left field but only got me a double. (Joseph caught most all of the balls that were hit his direction, so I was pretty excited that he wasn't expecting mine to go so far.)

Our lane was the XX lane with several of us coming very close to getting a turkey. Peter got the game high with 174 but Mom was close behind with 161, her best ever! (thanks to her 5 strikes in one game! Wow!)

Sophie loved getting to know some of her cousins better. Aubree and Ellie were kind enough to play "Fetch" and "Paddycake" with her to her heart's content (or their heart's content.)


Erin said...

Becky, where did you grow up? How did you and Joseph meet again? It looks like you had a fun time! Nice job hitting the ball over Joseph's head. Our family reunion is coming up this weekend. Fun times!

The Ostler Family said...

I love that top picture! You look really good. I am sad that I could not be there.

Holly or James said...

I hear you were in P-Town for your 10 year reunion! I can't believe it's been a year since mine!! WOW!! Was Melissa there? Did you have fun??