Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sippy Cup Soulmates

Sophie's best friend is little Abby Rae Jones. They have the best time when they get together. One of them will start squealing and screaming and it will get the other going until they're both making the most amazing sounds at the top of their lungs. Then Abby will do something and it will get Sophie laughing, and they can go for hours. The other day Sophie was acting whiny and then Abby came over and Sophie was immediately all better and happy as a clam. They are partners in crime and get into everything together, but have so much fun doing it! They learn things from each other, both good and bad. Abby is 5 weeks older, so she's taught Sophie how to crawl and get teeth and to do Sophie's favorite new tongue noises. And Sophie's shown Abby the art of sucking your thumb, but Abby still prefers her pacifier. They're so much fun to watch together and provide endless entertainment for their parents. So it is with great sadness that we learned that the Jones family will be moving in a few weeks to Wichita, Kansas. We don't know what we're going to do without them right around the corner from us. We aren't sure Sophie will know how to handle this. She will greatly miss her little Abby Rae, and her mama will miss Abby's mama, Tash. They're going to find a great job and a beautiful house for us in Wichita, though, so maybe we'll be together again next summer (yeah, over my mom's dead body!)

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Emily and Kyle said...

oh, how sad! I didn't now they were moving! Wow, primary and Relief society get changed up a lot huh! Do not take Poppy Thatcher from me, I want her for Activity Days (when tanya moves) ;)
I was just thinking on Sunday how cute your baby girls were together, so sad that she is moving!!