Thursday, August 30, 2007

Crazy Driver

Sophie has a new push toy that she loves to cruise around the apartment with. This particular day she kept getting distracted by too many things, but she usually will just go until she runs into something. It's high entertainment, let me tell you! She just needs a little more confidence and she'll be walking on her own in no time, but the minute she realizes she's standing with no support, she'll slowly sink back down to her bum where it's safe. But we're not worried; we aren't anxious to hurry her on or anything, so whenever she finally does it will be great with us!


Anonymous said...

Wow! So cute! I can't believe she is 11 months old. I understand not pushing the whole walking thing. I don't know what I will do when Jack gets mobile.
I haven't heard from you for a while. Hope all is well! I love "popping" in on your blog to see what little Miss Sophie is up to.


The Lambson's said...

So cute! She's just getting so big. I remember in sunday school back in like Oct or something (when your hubby was teaching) seeing her for the first time and now it's almost like a year later....crazy

Holly or James said...

That Sophie is getting so big! Can you believe our kids will be 1 soon?? WOW!

Anonymous said...

Very cute! Jensen loves watching movies about his cousins, we much have watched it 5 times already.

Sidsie and Jensen

Me said...

She's just so adorable! What fun!