Sunday, August 19, 2007

DT Memories

I know by doing this that I'm a huge sentimental dork, but I realized that with two of the Deseret Towers already being torn down that the others aren't going to last long either, so I had to get a picture by 'my' tower. I moved into 'S' Hall in DT exactly 10 years ago this month and began my college experience at BYU, and I'm so sad that they've decided to tear these buildings down. Some of my greatest college memories were made here (all I need to say is ambrosia, Morris, chin faces, and tonsils :D) with friends who I met here and am still great friends with to this day, like Melissa, Alyssa, Tonya, Alana, Sarah, Eric, & Oliver. I love you guys!We went swimming at the DT pool with Sophie and had a blast. She loves the water so much more now!

That was my room! We used to joke that we had the best view ever because we could clearly see the mountains, the temple, and the basketball court. :)


Holly or James said...

WHAT?! I thought you lived in Heritage Halls your Freshman year?! I know that Melissa Pearson did. I lived in S hall too! but I was on the 5th floor. Hmm. . . wonder why I didn't know you were there. ???

Tonya said...

I still remember falling off of the top bunk-bed in my room...was it spy on someone coming home from a date... reminds me of the *cafeteria walk*!

Those were good days! So much fun.