Thursday, July 31, 2008

We Love Visitors!

We have had visits from so many awesome people the last 3 weeks or so, which is one reason why my Google Reader got up into the 90's for unread posts this last week. But we've been having tons of fun, which is what summer is for! Here's a look at some of our visitors and some of what we've been doing with them.

My Mom was my savior as she came to help me when Avery was born and was here for over 2 weeks. She cleaned, cooked, did laundry, entertained Sophie, and was truly an angel sent from heaven to get me through those first few weeks when I couldn't sit down. (I bruised my tailbone pretty good in the delivery and can only now sit without too much pain. I don't recommend it.)

Julie also came for the last few days and it was very fun to hang out with just the girls while Joseph was at a training in Charlotte, NC.

This last Sunday we got to spend dinner with Kenny and Bobbie Newton who had come down to go on a cruise with his family (which is why they were sans kids). Kenny and Joseph were best friends in high school and it was very fun catching up with them.

Joseph's brothers Hyrum and Erik also came down to stay with us last week for a few days and we had a ton of fun with them here. We walked the Universal City Walk and took a picture in front of the Universal Studios sign.

Erik and Hyrum played a little football on that walk as well. They had some foreigners giggling a ton during their photo shoot with all their crazy poses.

Joseph took a day off work and the boys all went to Six Flags Magic Mountain together. They rode all the big rides and only got a little sick on some of them.

They also went to the beach and tried out Joseph's new body board. (Neither Hyrum nor Erik had ever been to a beach, so this was really fun for Joseph to take them to one!) Here's Hyrum laid out perfectly parallel to the sand as he dives for a frisbee.

They also went in the pool almost every evening and did crazy stunts and contests, because Jensen guys are so darn competitive! :)

And no trip to California would be complete without eating at In 'N Out. This was Erik's first time in California and so his first time eating here, and he thought it was just okay.

Erik was pretty disappointed that they flew home the day before the earthquake here so he missed that, but otherwise I'd say they had a pretty authentic taste of Southern California, and we loved having them here.


Jill Hunt said...

Sounds like so much fun! I am sorry about the bruised tailbone. I am so glad your mom was there to help out. And you look fabulous for just having a baby. I am so jealous! Miss you!

Tash said...

Avery is so cute! You look great! I hope that your tailbone heals soon...Ugh, I can't even imagine how much that must hurt.

Karene said...

I am seriously impressed by the parallel-to-the-beach action shot. It looks like you guys have been having fun with all your visitors...let's definitely get together soon! I'd love to meet your growing little family...I don't think I've even met your husband yet! Send me an e-mail ( with your phone number and we'll have to plan a get-together.