Sunday, November 02, 2008

A Halloween Marathon Week

It was a really fun Halloween this year because Sophie understood what was going on for the first time. In fact, she got trick or treating a little too well for her own good and stopped asking for a treat and just started grabbing once she saw the goods. But she was usually good about saying thank you and didn't consume too much candy. I wish I could say the same for me and Joseph! (Sorry for the long post, but it's easier to do it all at once than piece meal. We just had a very busy Halloween week!)
Sophie was the cutest Pixie and Avery the cutest Pumpkin at the ward Trunk or Treat.
The weather's been a little warm for this costume during the day, but perfect for it at night!

When we were in Utah last week my Mom made pumpkin gingerbread cookies with Sophie. She made some interesting faces with the candy, but was so proud of herself. Here's a big "Ta da!" as she shows off the finished product.

We went to a Halloween party on Monday for the MOMS Club we're in here. I was glad we had so many chances to wear our costume so that we really got our money's worth!

The kids all got to decorate a cookie with frosting and sprinkles, and I think Sophie got a little frosting on her cookie, but most of it made it straight to her mouth. But she wasn't the only one!
They also cracked open a pinata, something Sophie's never done before. She loved swinging that bat at that pumpkin but managed to only slightly tap it. Oh well, the best part is grabbing the treats inside once it's busted open anyway!
We went to a pumpkin patch to find some pumpkins, but after we saw the prices we just ended up getting some from the store instead. I'm all about supporting local small farms and businesses, but not if I have to give my right arm for it!
This was the cutest little pumpkin there anyway (and I'm not talking about the orange thing.)
And they had a great big one for Sophie to play in!
That night we carved them up. Sophie had a blast doing it for the first time and helped Dad create a kitty cat for theirs.
So I followed up with an attempt at a dog for mine.

Sophie especially loved seeing them all lit up on the porch.

On Halloween morning the venders on the main street here all stand outside their shops and give out candy, so we fought the crowds for Sophie's first chance at trick or treating for the day.

Avery is such a happy baby!

Halloween night we went trick or treating in Ladera with Sophie's cousin Austin. They were serious about their candy-getting (and consuming)! We also celebrated Peter's 28th birthday with him with a yummy dinner. Happy Birthday, Pumpkin Peter!

Gabe and Avery were both pumpkins. These two are 8 weeks apart and were so cute side by side!

All four grandkids together. Whew! We made it and had a great Halloween week!


Jenny W said...

Sounds like such a fun week! I agree....Your "pumpkins" are adorable :)

m said...

Oh, how I enjoy all those pictures! You can NEVER have too many of my adorable granddaughters! I love their costumes, and I'm so impressed at their parents' creative, cute jack-o-lanterns!

Annie said...

looks like you had fun! the girls are adorable as ever and i'm glad got your money's worth out of the costumes. : )

Jeanne Lawyer said...

Those are some cute pictures and some SERIOUSLY cute kids! Avery is getting so big so fast. It feels like she was just born yesterday.

How fun for you to live close to Peter and Abby so the cousins can spend time together. I love the picture of all of them.

Oh, Happy Birthday Peter!

Momma K & Big J said...

How fun and what cute cute CUTE girls!

shelly said...

Okay, everybody's already told you how cute those girls are--so DITTO! Seriously, little dolls. You can never hear it too much, right?!

Holly or James said...

sweet daddy pumpkins!

Mels said...

When Avery has her little pumpkin hat on she looks so much like Joseph to me.

Meridith said...

It was fun to catch up on what you have been up to lately. Sounds like a very eventful Halloween celebration you guys had. You are so good at keeping in touch. Thanks!

Alison said...

Oh, sooo cute! I love the fairy and pumpkin. Jeff has always wanted Jack to be a "jack-o-lantern" but I never let him. Hee hee! Glad you had fun :)

Deborah Austin said...

OH so cute!!! Everyone looks so so cute in their costumes!

Holly or James said...

That little Avery is so cute!!!