Friday, November 28, 2008

Pie Night

Joseph's family has a yearly tradition of holding Pie Night the night before Thanksgiving. The idea is that nobody ever has room for pie after Thankgsiving dinner, and then if you do eat any, you may not really enjoy it like you'd like. So they eat their pie the night before and have lots of different kinds to enjoy and invite family and friends over for it. Since we weren't with his family this year for Thanksgiving, we decided to have our own Pie Night here.Neither one of us had ever made a pie before, so we decided to buy all the fruit ones (cherry, apple, berry, and pumpkin) and then I made key lime and chocolate satin pies, and Joseph made an oreo pie. He was pretty pleased that his was the first to go. Sophie obviously really enjoyed the chocolate pie. I think she had 3 pieces of different pies by the end of the night! Plus she got to stay up playing really late so she was in heaven and wants to do it again already.

We spent Thanksgiving with Peter & Abby's family at Abby's sister's home in Orange County. They were nice enough to open their home to us even though we're real "extended family". The food was all delicious and we had a great time! Happy Thanksgiving!


Karene said...

That is a great idea!

Holly or James said...

Looks like you guys had a great thaksgiving dinner!

I LOVE the idea of pie before Thanksgiving! You're right though, nobody ever has room for pie after the big dinner! I might try that tradition in MY family. (:

Sidsie and Derek said...

I love that tradition
Yum, Yum

Jeanne Lawyer said...

What a great idea. I think we may have to try that next year because I never have room for pie. I made room this year and felt so sick afterward.

I love you new blog layout. I almost chose that one and was debating on changing to it but now that you have it, my decision has been made. I will stick with what I have.

Alison said...

I seriously LOVE that idea. Hummm, I think I might adopt it for our family! Thanks for sharing :)