Tuesday, December 02, 2008

First Bath Together

Avery has finally graduated to the big tub! We tried to make this picture as decent as possible, but everyone has to have bath pictures when they're kids, right! This is hopefully the start of many fun baths together as sisters. Who doesn't love a nice bath, especially in a big tub like mommy and daddy's?
(And especially when you get to spend the majority of it sticking letters onto the wall! Sophie has learned how to identify an S, D, M, B, P, L, G, A, H, I, and O really well thanks to these letters. She tells me every time she sees one when we're at the store or just out and about. They all correspond with someone's name and it's really cute to hear her say "That's a G for Geoff!" and so on.)


Jeanne Lawyer said...

So cute! Who wouldn't want to take a bath in that tub. It is huge! I am jealous. I hope when we buy our house in Texas I have one. Hey I was thinking did you buy or are you renting? I don't think I ever asked.

Anyway, thanks for the info on the food coloring. I think I will just need to buy it next time. Oh well.

Annie said...

ah, the beginning of dual bathtime. i love that it's a time saver, and the girls unwind before bed together.

most of the time they are good, and most of the time when my back is turned someone is squirting the other in the eye : )

Jordan & Jandee said...

Seriously these two are adorable....love the bath pics, I mean you have to have something to show their prospective spouses someday to embarrass them right? Really though, so cute!

Sonja said...

Love the double bubble trouble bath time fun! All my kids learned their letters from those foam bath letters. Fun, eh?

Your girls are A-dorable.