Thursday, December 18, 2008


Sophie is so much fun!  She's done well for the most part adjusting to having a baby sister around.  She hits the baby every once in a while when she really wants attention, but most of the time is sweet and showers Avery with hugs and kisses and lots of lovin'.  But it's just not easy being a 2-year old, as she helps me see daily!
She loves to do things, no matter what it is, with her mommy and daddy.  Joseph and Sophie helped make this fruit smoothie together on Sunday.  They put the rest of the black berries in it (that we can still get for 99 cents right now--thank you, California!) and it really dominated the drink and made it very purple.  Sophie had the cutest purple mustache and was in heaven drinking her smoothie.  (You like how any bow that makes it into her hair always gets pulled out so quickly, leaving this mop?  I'm cutting it this weekend!)
It never ceases to amaze me how quickly little girls start manifesting their maternal instincts.  Sophie is way into mothering things right now.  She carries this little stuffed kitty and a stuffed pig around with her everywhere.  They sit up to the table with us for breakfast.  She pushes them in her little doll stroller, making sure to always buckle them in tight first.  Then she finds a pillow and blanket (aka Avery's burp rags) for each of them and puts them to bed, and then goes around shushing everyone so we don't wake them up.  Sometimes she even lays down for a nap with them that lasts all of 30 seconds.  This is why my new nickname for Sophie is "Mamacita".

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