Thursday, December 18, 2008

San Diego Temple

On Saturday we took a beautiful drive down the coast to San Diego for my former mission companion/roommate Christine Vandiver's wedding.
Sophie loves looking at pictures of temples and is really into them right now, so she was so excited to be at the San Diego Temple and ran around outside most of the time I was inside.  It was cold, though, for the first time since we've moved here!  It even rained a little there.
Sophie is constantly reminding us that we were married in the temple and that someday she'll be married in the temple, too.  That's right, baby!  Don't you forget it, either! :)
Chris was such a beautiful bride and they did a great job pulling off a wedding from a few thousand miles away (she works for the State Dept. in DC but really wanted to get married in the San Diego Temple because his family lives not too far away from it in Arizona.  Who wouldn't?  This temple is gorgeous!)
The wedding luncheon after was in a yummy Mexican restaurant.  It was fun to catch up with her since it's been ages since we've seen one another and had a chance to chat.  Congrats, Chris and Jonathan!


Elizabeth said...

Thanks for posting some pictures! I was dying to be there and even looked into tickets, but it was a good idea I didn't. Two weeks postpartum would not be a fun time to travel. I so wish I was there to see her getting married! I'm glad you got to be there. I'm emailing to get more details...

terrah said...

That's so great that you got to go! I'm glad to be able to see some wedding pictures! We'll have to IM or chat sometime soon so I can hear all about it!