Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Joseph got Veteran's Day off last week so we decided to go bowling. Cuz, you know, what better way to honor our veterans than by bowling. Hmm...(What a hunk!)
We got a lane for ourselves...
...and then we got Sophie her own lane with bumper guards on it. She had a lot of fun bowling a few times. She'd carefully carry her heavy ball to the front and then one of us would help her get it rolling.
And then sometimes she'd stick around to see how many pins she hit, but most of the time she'd promptly turn around and go back to her bench without even a backward glance. (And yet, her score was almost as good as mine!)

She just enjoyed chilling on the bench with Pillow, watching us bowl. We had a great time and love when Joseph has time off to come play with us.


Holly or James said...

Isn't it seriously the best thing when "Daddy" has time to hang out and play with the family? LOVE IT!

Cute photos of Sophie. I think this christmas we'll have to try taking Jack bowling for HIS first time too. (:

m said...

Love the family activity and the cute pictures. But I have to ask where YOU were standing (if not on an actual lane???) when you took those pictures from that angle?! :^)

meli said...

What? Avery didn't get a turn? That's so unfair : ) Love the pics, and I am willing to bet, Sophie Jo is a better bowler than me! I hope y'all are doing well! I miss you!