Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Kids Fashion

I love kids fashion these days.  You can get away with so much.  For example, let's say that my 3-year old insists on wearing a shirt or pants that are a little too short for her (because she's opinionated about clothes like that--yes, I'm very scared for 12 years from now!)  It's all good, you just call it "three-quarter length" shirt or pants.  Or how about when that same opinionated child picks out a dress with tights and a hat that totally don't seem to match?  No problem, it's the fashion right now:

I put Sophie in dresses with polka dots and leggings with stripes all the time.  Dots and stripes used to not be okay, but they're great together now!

You gotta love it.  I feel okay with letting my girls walk out of the house looking a little mismatched these days, because they look like most of the other kids!  Thanks, children's fashion designers of today!  I never thought I'd say this, but you make my job as a mom a little bit easier.

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