Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Beach Bums

I'm sure from the title you worried a little that you might see some indecent pictures of some backsides, but I promise you this is not the case. :) You will, however, see some pictures of some very dirty people who I'm related to. Can you see through the dirt to who they are? I'm not sure Joseph was loving being so filthy, but Sophie sure was!
I didn't get to join in the fun until the very end because I was at my doctor's appointment. My OB/GYN is all the way down in Newport Beach so Joseph and Sophie went to the beach to play in the sand and water while I was listening to #2's healthy heartbeat and such. Personally, I would have much rather been with them, but it is good to know that our baby's still doing fine. And we only have 5 weeks to go until she's here!

We took half the beach home with us!

Sophie didn't mind being so dirty even one bit, but by the end she was a little cold.

I was shocked when Joseph told me how she let him bury her in the sand all the way up to her neck, and just layed there with her eyes closed as if she does this all the time! He even let her bury his legs and feet in return.

Walking on sand is such a new experience for one who's never done it before.

This is my favorite shot that Joseph got. It looks like we had the entire beach to ourselves!

Sophie loved playing in the ocean and I think we can safely say that she's a big fan of the beach and will happily return the next time we can get there.


terrah said...

How fun! Cora loved the beach last weekend too-- but a much colder one in Oregon. She kept looking at the waves and clapping, and running into the water. Sophie's hair is getting so long and even cuter!

Sunny said...

Looks like you guys are having a great time. I loved seeing the pictures of your new home. And I can't believe #2 is coming so quick. How are you feeling? Sophie looks so cute on the beach.

Erin said...

You are lucky to have the beach so close to you! I'm jealous! I loved the picture of Sophie buried in the sand. It made me laugh.

The Ostler Family said...

So you really don't need a Shirley or Cuthbert street when you have your own little red head running around! I love her red hair. She is so cute. I really like the picture of her buried in the sand. I am glad that you only have 5 weeks left because that means I have 4!!

Jeff and Alison said...

It looks like you guys are adjusting well to Cali. Love the pictures but I was hoping to see on of you (with only 5 weeks to go). Have you decided on a name?

Harrison's said...

I can't believe you're due in 5 weeks! I hope the end of the pregnancy goes well. I love the pictures of Sophie at the beach. She is so super cute!

Jenny W said...

Oh my word-She is so cute! I especially love the one where she let Joseph bury her in the sand :) What a cutie!