Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sophie Snapshots

Here are some recent pictures of Sophie.

Sophie has so much love in her little heart and welcomes any and all dolls and stuffed animals into the family with a tight squeeze and a soft pat on the back. We have stuffed animals coming out our ears around here, but she wouldn't have it any other way.

I do whatever I can to keep Sophie happy while I get ready in the morning. On this particular morning that meant letting her have the hair dryer and brush more than I had it, all while sitting on the dryer in a laundry basket. Strange, I know, but whatever works.

Sophie loves to be outside. She'll do anything to go outside, and I can't say that I blame her. We're lucky to have a porch and 2 balconies at our new place and so I just let her play out there and get her fill of the sun without worrying about her running into the street.

She loved climbing up onto this railing and it's a good thing she's a very cautious girl or I'd be nervous she'd try to squeeze herself through the slats, but she didn't even attempt it.

I'm such a lucky mama to have such a beautiful, sweet little girl like you, Sophie! I love you!!


Jenny W said...

She is a beautiful sweet little girl! Miss you guys!

Sunny said...

That's great you have a balcony. How fun for Sophie to be able to go outside whenever she wants. We miss you guys, but are happy to know you are having fun, and enjoying yourselves.

Annie said...

Cute picture! I bet you missed your momma on mother's day. good luck getting settled. rub your buddha for me!

Holly or James said...

Glad to hear you've arrived to your new place. Welcome to another phase of your lives. (: It'll be nice to be close to Peter. When did he leave Texas?

When's baby girl 2 due? What's her name going to be? Can't wait!

Meridith said...

You're such a cute mama too Becky! She's lucky to have you as her mama.