Thursday, May 29, 2008

Orange You Glad?

One of the many benefits of living where we do now is being near enough to my Grandpa Lamb's house to raid his orange trees and bring home as many as we want. We visited him today and brought home 3 buckets of oranges, and we didn't even make a dent in the number of oranges he's got on his two trees. Somehow he manages to pick them all eventually, too, which is amazing considering how tall his ladder has to be to reach the ones at the top. Anyway, I was so excited to get home to start squeezing the goodness out of them, because his oranges are really perfect juicing oranges. Yeah, they're fine to eat, but they're best when juiced, and I was lucky enough to procure an orange juicer earlier this year. A shout out to Tiffany Godfrey in the MBASA who just happened to bring hers for a white elephant gift at Christmas because she never used it herself, and I just happened to end up with it. We will for sure be putting it to good use! These oranges are not just tasty but they're really good looking, too.

Thank heaven for electric juicers. I would have one sore hand right now if I'd been having to do all of these manually!

Sophie was enthralled watching the process from start to finish on the counter next to me and probably drank half of what I squeezed all on her own.

This many oranges gave us almost 2 pitchers full of juice, and we made short work of it once Joseph got home from work. Hooray for California oranges!


Pam said...

YUM! I want some fresh squeezed orange juice! It is so fun to hear and read about your California adventures...I can't believe how big Sophie is getting -she is ADORABLE! :) Love and miss you guys!

Alan and Jeni said...

How fun is that?! Fresh oranges are definitely a great thing about California. What a yummy treat! We sure do miss you guys here. Enjoy that beautiful weather!

Annie said...

nothing like fresh produce.and with grocery prices nowadays, you are one lucky bunch! love the pictures. how are you feeling?

Jenny W said...

Okay, I am craving orange juice right now!! That looks absolutely luscious! Looks like you guys are livin' the good life in Cali! Hey-did you guys have fun with Geoff and Scott?

Holly or James said...

I LOVE orange juice, especially freshly squeezed!! YUMMY! You guys are sure lucky!