Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Trip to Flagstaff

Joseph's brother Willis and his family live in Flagstaff, AZ, so while we have a little time right now before Joseph starts work we decided to pay them a visit (since they always give us a hard time for never having visited them in any of the places they've lived). It was such a fun weekend and we miss them already.

We went bowling for Sadie's birthday and I won the first game with a 135! (I often win the first and lose the second because my hand and wrist get too tired by the 2nd.) I won a leg/foot massage for a week from Joseph! Can't wait for him to pay up on that one! Willis and Jeni have 4 adorable children: Sadie, Aaron, Susannah, and Clarissa.

Jenilyn made this beautiful and yummy doll cake for Sadie's birthday upon her request. She has inspired me to try making an ice cream cake sometime!

We went on two hikes while we were there, one to visit a crater of a volcano and the other to visit some old Indian ruins that are currently being excavated. Fun fun!

Sophie couldn't get enough of the park and especially the swings, but also loved it when her daddy tried to catch her, Susannah, and Sadie on the bridge.

We went to a parade for Cinco de Mayo in which we got way too much candy, but Sophie was in heaven.


Jenny W said...

What a fun time! How far away is it from you guys?

kim & co. said...

SOunds like you had a great trip! And, Becky, that last picture of you--oh my gosh! You are all baby--the rest of you is still tiny!!!! Lucky pregnant mama!