Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Summer Wrap Up

Since today marks the first day of fall, I thought it was appropriate to finally post some pictures of our summer. So in no particular order, this is what we've been up to:

A birthday party for the girls' cousin Gabe.

Running through fountains at splash parks.

This one has absolutely no fear of them, never has.

Day trips to the beach with friends. (You like how one friend used my huge dress to cover up her legs, too? :D)

There were 5 of us moms there this day for all these kids. No, they weren't all ours, but we still had to keep an eye out for each of them. Luckily we stayed safe and everyone had a fun time.

This girl loves the beach.

I think Sophie's in Baywatch training.

Sophie had such a fun time playing with her friends Kate and Paige. The 3 of them were really cute to watch together.

What could be a better hot summer afternoon recipe than getting wet + juice boxes?

My Mom was down a couple of times this summer and one time we got to go to the beach with her. It was so fun to watch her with all 4 grandkids jumping the waves in the ocean.

Avery got knocked down one too many times unfortunately and spent the rest of the chilly day wrapped up in a towel on my lap. But Sophie, Austin, and Gabe couldn't get enough of the water, wind or no wind, and stayed out there forever. Sophie and Austin especially loved running from the waves as they chased them.

Showering off after a swim in the pool with friends.

I never got around to posting about our 4th of July weekend, but we started it with a parade through town in our patriotic attire...

...and ended it at my Grandpa's house, swimming in the pool...
...and picking oranges from the trees with cousins.

We've also had fun at various parties, like this Cars party for a little 2-year old friend. The girls loved the pinata.

This was Avery's first time ever hitting a pinata and she wacked that thing as hard as her little 25 pounds would let her. She's definitely a fan.

We also had fun at another friends' summer party, complete with launching balloons and the taco cart for lunch. It was so so good, and the kids had a blast.

In short, we had a great summer and are glad that even though the calendar says it's over, living in Southern California says it never has to end.


Meridith said...

So what are you having? Boy or girl? Congrats and can't wait to see the new baby! Your girls are getting so big!! Love your updates.

m said...

Oh, my goodness! I've got to have a copy of that final picture of Sophie!!! It's a classic.
Thanks for posting so many terrific pictures of your summer adventures.

Sabrina O'Malley said...

Looks like such a fun summer.I love the last 2 pictures of the girls! I hope you are feeling well and that you have a nice relaxing end to your pregnancy.

Sidsie and Derek said...

Your girls look so grown up.