Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Discovery Science Center

We spent a few hours one Saturday at the Discovery Science Center in Orange County.

These crazy-haired people are experiencing winds up to 80 mph. I think this was Sophie's favorite part of the whole place.

Avery is trying with all her 27 lbs. to get the bulb to light up at the top.

This was definitely Avery's favorite part. You had to control the tube at the bottom that shot out air to keep the beach ball floating. The girls loved it.

Especially when they realized that the air could be fun even without the ball!

They spent the rest of the time there just getting blown away. Great hair, Girls! Most of the exhibits were over the girls' heads, but we still had a fun day anyway. Hooray for science!

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Sabrina O'Malley said...

I love that last picture! What a fun place to play and learn.