Saturday, October 30, 2010

Down on the Farm

We took a trip with the Lambs to Riley Farm to visit the apple orchard and other fun things they have there.

We got dirty, smelled all the delicious animal aromas (yuck!), and watched the pregnant mama goats waddle around the petting zoo. Abby and I empathized all too easily with them.

The girls made some friends with the horses (and once again were delighted to watch them poop on the ground. What is the fascination?)

This brown one liked Avery a lot.

The girls dragged Joseph through all the raspberry bushes, hunting for the last vestiges of the yummy berries left.

I wish I'd gotten a shot of the mountains in the other direction which were green and absolutely beautiful. The view from up here was amazing. Instead you get brown mountains and a pregnant belly.

The last thing we did while there was make apple cider. It was so much fun and worth the long wait. First we had to load up a crate with apples.

Then we dumped them into the tub to get clean. I think more than just the apples got wet. :)

Then we started putting the apples into the top of the grinder.

Grinding them up was hard work for these little hands, but the kids did great managing to turn the wheel anyway.

Sophie became a grinding champ.

Once they were all ground up, the strong muscular men took over pressing the apples down and squeezing all the yummy juice out of them. We poured the juice into a gallon jug and got to take it home. It was so delicious and the girls couldn't get enough. We had a great time and will have to make this a yearly tradition.


Sabrina O'Malley said...

What a fun trip for your family. I would love for my kids to make apple cider. And you look very cute by the way. Good luck with the last few weeks.

m said...

Love that good stuff!