Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Pumpkin Patch at Tanaka Farm

We took another field trip recently to visit the pumpkin patch at Tanaka Farm. We went there to do strawberry picking in the spring and had so much fun that we were looking forward to going back.

We went with our great friends the Hyers and had so much fun with them.

Unfortunately this tour of the farm was run very differently than the strawberry tour was and involved a ton more walking which was hard for me, but we survived and had fun. The girls got to try to find their way out of this corn maze at one point.

We got to ride a wagon around and saw the whole working farm.

We visited a petting zoo filled with goats and sheep.

Sophie was a little more fearful of them, but she soon warmed up.

The girls loved that there were scarecrows all over the farm, even on this tractor! We also got to be there with our cousins Austin and Gabe and so the girls were really in heaven.

Here are the two pumpkins we picked and subsequently made into jack o' lanterns. The pumpkins weren't too big, but thankfully they were just the right size for these two to carry since I already had one inside my tummy. The girls even got to pick some vegetables out of the ground and bring those home. We had a fun trip and sure love fall!

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