Sunday, November 07, 2010

3 Princesses

Sophie got to go to another very fun Princess birthday party for her friend Tatiana. She calls this dress-up dress of hers the Glinda the Good Witch dress, so not exactly a princess, but close enough.

Sophie's good friends from school, Tatiana and Maggie.

The girls were completely spoiled and I think all future parties for Sophie are forever ruined thanks to this one. They got loads of Princess stuff, gobs of candy from the pinata, and spent forever in the bounce house/slide that I had to literally drag them from at the end. And I was spoiled with delicious Salvadorian food that was catered all evening because that's where Tatiana's father is from. The party was a big latin family-style affair and was so much fun. (I love that in this picture Sophie's in front of Ariel. She's her current favorite princess, thanks to the hair.)

The family was sweet enough to also invite Avery who was in heaven there. She had been wearing her BYU cheerleader outfit all morning that day for BYU's game and wouldn't change out of it for the party, so she didn't really look like a princess either. But they had a blast and it was fun to watch them have such a good time. I love my princesses!

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