Friday, November 05, 2010


The girls started taking gymnastics about 6 months ago but I didn't get around to taking any pictures of them until last week. And I chose to do it the day that they told the kids to come dressed up in their Halloween costumes. Thus, Sophie is in her costume in all these pictures. Avery refused to wear hers because she loves her leotard so much.

I think it's safe to say that Avery LOVES gymnastics. She's a natural monkey at home, so being given permission to hang and climb on stuff at the gym is like heaven.

Sophie in her costume on the obstacle course. They have a new theme every week, and this week's was of course scary stuff like spiders, so they had a bunch of those littered underneath where the kids had to climb across. It didn't bother my girls at all, and they even wanted to play with them (unlike most of the other kids who were totally freaked out by them).

Look at that smile. Could she be any happier?

We love this little gym made specifically for 2 to 5-year olds. And I love that the girls have classes at the same time, so while I'm over helping Avery in her class, I can still watch Sophie do her tricks at the same time because she's just a few feet away.

Sophie practicing her cartwheels.

See? Monkey through and through.

Sophie always waited so patiently for her turn to do stuff, and often won the Star Student award for her class because of it.

This net leads up to the zip line and down to the ball pit, unarguably the two favorite spots in the gym for these two. It's right where they head when they get free time.

Sophie's getting pretty good at balancing on the higher beam.

Avery not so much, because she refuses to go slow enough, but she'll learn.

I love watching the girls do gymnastics and hope they love it as much as I did growing up. We'll even sneak over to the big gym occasionally and watch the big girls do tricks on the bars, beam, and floor, and it brings back so many great memories to me. Of course I quit when I was about 12 so I never got as good as most of the girls there (especially since that gym turns out Olympic athletes all the time), but I could hold my own. Sophie can't wait to be old enough to learn all the advanced stuff, and whether she actually does or not doesn't matter much to me. I just love to see my girls enjoying something so much.


Sabrina O'Malley said...

That looks like so much fun!

The countdown is really on now. Good luck with the last few days!

m said...

They certainly come by their talent naturally. You were such a good gymnast!
And Avery, Grandma knows exactly how magical it feels to wear a leo.
I don't blame you at all for never wanting to take it off. You look absolutely adorable in it.