Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010

We spent our Christmas in California with most of the Lambs (Jonny & Jamie were missing) and Joseph's parents.

Even though we were staying part of the time at a condo right across from a beach in San Juan Capistrano, we only went there one day because it was raining the entire week.

The one day it was nice enough to go over to it for a quick walk we even barely even put our feet in.

The storms did make some pretty cool foam on the sand for the kids to play in, though.

Sophie and Austin definitely took advantage of that!

The kids were just happy to finally be outside instead of cooped up indoors for several days.

But we found lots of fun things to keep them entertained, like making gingerbread houses.

Austin and Geoff teamed up to make a train.

Avery and I made a pretty typical house, while Sophie and Julie made a stable for the Baby Jesus with a tree outside it.

We also played a lot of pool, a lot of games, and visited a ton as well.

And everyone got a chance to hold the new baby.

Despite the rain we fit in a couple trips to the pool.

Sophie loved being tossed into the air by her uncles.

The kids were in hog heaven.

We did get one really nice day at the end of our stay in Orange County, so we made a visit to a nearby hotel that sported some pretty amazing ocean views.

Craig and Roberta came into town on the 23rd and we had an early Christmas with them.

Sophie loved being the elf who handed out all the presents.

She also loved all the Fancy Nancy books Gramma Bob gave her.

I got a pretty cool movie night package, complete with my favorite treat: Swedish Fish.

Joseph's Grandma Jensen gave all the great-grandkids hats she knitted. I love the girls' hats with the flowers on them.

Then we traveled to my Grandpa and Maybeth's house where we all stayed for Christmas Eve and Day.

We always start our Christmas Eve activities by reenacting the Christmas story. Sophie was our sweet Mary and Austin our fearless Joseph.

Sophie bravely rode this funny donkey to Bethlehem.

And then she carefully held a real Baby Jesus, our Baby William.

Wise men and shepherds came to visit the holy family.

At last it was Christmas morning. Santa brought Avery a bike so she can ride with Sophie.

I'm not sure she knew just what to make of it, but I'm sure she'll love it once she gets the hang of it.

Abby made all the grandkids plates with their letters and names on it. The girls refuse to eat off anything else now.

We got a great haul of stuff and had a wonderful day.

I'm not sure if I was naughty or nice this year, cuz this is what Santa brought me for Christmas (cuz "All I want for Christmas is you!") Joseph grew out his beard for the month of December. I liked it.

These two had a great Christmas. They got engaged! We're very happy for Julie and Leo and can't wait to celebrate their wedding in June.

We hope you all had a very merry holiday season too. Merry Christmas from (sometimes) sunny California!

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The Hyer Family said...

Those were GREAT pics--my favorite is Will's head in the last one--it's parallel to the ground! He's a chunky big thing, huh?