Friday, December 10, 2010

Giving Thanks

Our Thanksgiving this year was a little crazy and a lotta fun.

Gobble Gobble! (Is that not the cutest little bum you've ever seen?!)

The holiday really started a week early with a Thanksgiving feast at Sophie's school.

Daddy, Avery, and Gramma Lamb got to attend it with Sophie. And I'm sure that Sophie and Avery truly considered it a feast to surpass all others because the menu included apple slices, carrots, mac & cheese, and goldfish crackers. Just like the Pilgrims. ;)

We held our annual Pie Night at our bishop's home this year since I'd just had a baby a week before. It was still a success. We had 14 pies total and over 40 people there to eat them and we had a great time.

Avery's shirt says it all.

The guys kicked off the morning of Thanksgiving with a turkey bowl that my brothers Peter and Scott also went and played in (and Leo, too). It was a beautiful day for a game. Do you see those mountains behind them? We live in such a picturesque place, and the weather can't be beat.

Joseph was happy to come home with a W, even though nobody was really keeping score, right? He made a great quarterback for his team.

I love this picture because you can see Leo catching the football with Scott running full board toward him. I have no idea how this play ended, but I can only imagine what happened about 2 seconds after this shot.

Meanwhile, the women folk were working hard at home to get the big dinner all prepared. I loved having it at my home this year because I got to pull out all the fancy stuff that I never use, like my china and goblets and serving dishes that just sit in the hutch looking pretty. Sophie was cute because she couldn't stop talking about how beautiful everything looked and literally dragged each person in the house into the dining room at least twice to admire the table before the dinner even began.

Did I mention that my entire family came for the holiday? It was partially because since William had been born the week before and my Mom came down to help that meant that there wouldn't be a big dinner going on at their house in Utah, so my Dad and brothers and sister just decided to come down here for it. But really it was a great excuse to get us all together again, and it was great fun for all. Thanks for coming and squeezing into our home, Everyone!

We have a Lamb tradition of going around the table towards the end of the meal and saying what we're most thankful for this year. I definitely said that I was thankful for these two.

And I'm definitely thankful for these two, too.

This is what William said he's thankful for.

After dinner we turned on some Christmas tunes and had an impromptu dance party. Even though I was tied down to the couch the whole time by my baby boy, it was fun to watch all the others get their groove on, especially the 4 kiddos. That was probably my favorite part of the whole weekend.

Since we were all together again we decided to take a family picture. We were lucky enough to get a lot with all the kids looking and William was so well-behaved through the whole thing.

We also got some of just our little family. Wow, we have so much to be thankful for and were truly counting our many blessings this Thanksgiving!


Jessica said...

ummm, you look too good to have JUST had a baby!! what a great family picture. that is what my mom is most looking forward to this christmas. i am so impressed that you were up for hosting so many people a week after having a baby!! and i am super jealous of the beautiful weather you have. :)

Amy Eaton said...

So, You look amazing!! Great Family picture both of them!

Jordan and Jandee said...

Yes, I am seconding or I guess thirding the other commenters -- there is no way you just barely had a baby. You look incredible. Love all the pictures. Way to go for hosting Thanksgiving.