Wednesday, December 01, 2010


Baby Will is already 2 weeks old, so here are some pictures of him from his first couple weeks of life.

We took some family pictures for our Christmas card and this was his little outfit.

William is such a snuggler. As long as he's next to a warm body he's happy.

I love baby yawns. And blue. Boy clothes are adorable.

Joseph got out his baby book to see how much Will might resemble his daddy as a baby. Turns out it's a lot.

With Gramma Lamb who could always settle his upset tummy.

I could love on this boy all day long!

A little wink for the camera.

Avery wants to hold her brother all the time but only wants him on her lap for a few seconds and then she's ready to (literally) push him off. She loves him though.

Getting to know his Grampa Lamb.

I love this little bum! Gobble gobble!

He sported a Baby's 1st Thanksgiving bib for the holiday.

Underneath it was a onesie that told what he's most thankful for right now. :)

My handsome boys!

William loves to sleep on his tummy, so sometimes I indulge him for naps.

Avery cheered on the Cougars for their big rivalry game against the Utes but they still lost, sadly. Will was initiated into the boys club his first two weekends of life with both football and basketball game viewing with the guys.

Here's to you, William!


Sabrina O'Malley said...

Could he be any cutier? And great pictures too. Happy Holidays!

Amy Eaton said...

So Happy for you!!! Hope everything is going well with adjusting to three;)

Meridith said...

Congratulations Becky and Joseph! I'm so happy for you that William is healthy as well as you. What a cute family you have! Thanks for sharing these pics.

Emily Widdison said...

stinkin cute post! so happy you have some blue clothes now:)

Jordan and Jandee said...

He is so darling I am dying over him in that red vest!

Sidsie and Derek said...

Yeah for little boys