Saturday, January 07, 2012

Family Pictures 2011

We took two sets of family pictures this year. The first was in a studio, and we got these 3 pictures from that sitting:

This made the wall because it was the one where we were all looking and smiling.

I love this of the kids.

And we did this one just for fun. Go Cougars!

Then in the fall our friend Kisa, who is starting up her photography business and wants to build her portfolio, was kind enough to take some outdoor pictures of our family. (You can find her blog at if you're interested. She's awesome!)

Sophie Jo (5 years old)

Avery Jane (3 yrs. old)

William Julius (1 year old)

For the most part these 3 love each other and are great friends. What lucky parents we are!

Love these pink boots!

Super Baby!

Learning to walk

The girls :)

Initially we thought we'd just have her shoot the kids, but we decided since we were all there we might as well get the whole fam damily, too. Here was our Christmas card shot.

I love this boy!

Da boyz :)

Our better sides?

"Dip, Baby, Dip!"

1 year old!

The first of many jerseys for this boy? Goooooo Jensens!

And there you have it. Thanks again, Kisa! We sure had fun!


Katie said...

very sweet

Alan and Jeni said...

Wow! What great pictures. Seeing these after "talking" with you yesterday really makes me miss you guys!

m said...

I love the poses! You are such an ATTRACTIVE bunch; makes it so fun to linger on each picture. Love you!