Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The L.A. County Fair 2011 edition

I took Avery and Will to the L.A. County Fair one morning with friends from our moms group. There were a lot of kids to keep track of but we had a great time with everyone.

They thought these little things to pose in were so fun.

Avery liked "milking" the cow.

We went into the petting zoo to see the goats and sheep. Fortunately none of the goats nipped her this time, and I think she's repressed the memory of that happening 2 years ago so she wasn't scared of them. They're such aggressive little buggers, though!

They also had a cool dinosaur exhibit this year. Both Avery and Sophie are really into dinosaurs right now (I think they have all 8 "Land Before Time" movies memorized!)

This T-Rex (or "Sharp Tooth" as the girls like to call it) moved and everything, but we weren't scared!

Queen Avery at court. It was a lot of fun and Mama got her workout pushing the stroller all over the park that day.

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