Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sophie Turns 5!

Our oldest turned 5 in October!

Here's the birthday girl at school with her birthday crown and her birthday dress on.

We had a family celebration on her actual birthday, and then the next day she had her friend party.

I hadn't made her cake yet on her actual birthday, so she got to blow out candles on the leftover rice crispy treats that I'd taken to her class that morning.

Sophie wanted a Hello Kitty party which was a nice 'n easy theme to do. I ordered a bounce house because she had invited almost 20 kids (yeah, we'll never do that again!) so I figured the party would go a lot smoother if they spent most of their time playing on that. Of course the universe heard my plans and laughed and decided to send rain on the day of her party, even though it usually only rains maybe a dozen times out of the entire year here. I had them bring it and set it up anyway and just warned all the moms that we'd save it for the end, but we'd be getting wet! And then I had to scramble to figure out some games to play for the rest of the party.

(Cousin Nona in the balloons--so cute!) We played "Pass the Hello Kitty" and "Pin the Bow on Hello Kitty" and a few other games that were hard to do with us all crammed into our living room, but we did it. Then it was time for cake!

I loved making this Hello Kitty cake for Sophie. It was so easy and fun to do.

Aunt Abby did Sophie's hair for the party and it turned out so cute.

Here's the best picture I got of all Sophie's guests. Sophie invited a few friends from school, friends from our current ward and old ward at church, and friends from our play group, so it was a full house!

Once we finally got to the bounce house everyone was having a blast, despite it being cold and wet!

Here's cousin Gabe flashing a smile at the bottom of the slide.

Will liked it, too, as long as I was holding him.

I think the birthday girl had a fun time at her party and it was a success (phew!)

Here's one of the presents she got from her birthday after the girls assembled it together for the first time. They love, love, love, love their Disney princesses and pretend to be them all the time! I love my pretty princesses, too! Happy Birthday, Sophie Girl!


m said...

My goodness! That cake is perfection itself!! Thanks for capturing all the fun, family, and guests on camera. A birthday she WILL remember. (I still remember my 5th; it was my first party ever.)

Holly or James said...

Yeah,. . . .that cake looks cute, but NOT easy that's for sure! So fun that you do that!

And your girls look so cute in their princess get up ...reminds me a lot of Melanie's two girls. (: