Tuesday, January 08, 2008

2nd Christmas (better than 2nd Breakfast)

My brother Jonny is home from his mission to Nashville, so we finally got to celebrate Christmas with the Lamb's. It was kind of fun having Christmas on December 25th and then again on January 4th! It stretched it out and I wasn't so sad on the 26th like I usually am after the big day is over. We sang songs, read Christmas stories, acted out the nativity, and opened presents. We got totally spoiled, again, especially Sophie.

The returned missionary with his mission map from mom.

Christmas "morning"

Sophie was the angel in our pageant.

Who knew angels need pillows, too?

Cute Austin

The whole fam together again after 4 years with someone always on a mission.
Sophie loooooves her baby!

Spoiled little girl even has a princess cell phone that rings and makes noises!
The overalls twins.


Jordan & Jandee said...

love the angel costume....so cute!

Annie said...

2nd christmas' rock! so great your family is all home now. how are you feeling preggers girl?

Holly said...

Look at that Lamb Fam! I cannot get over the fact that everyone is so grown up! Look at your dad, looking like a true grandpa! It's amazing how OLD they look after not seeing them even for a few months??? I was giving my dad a hard time this Christmas about how old he was looking. (:

Erin said...

We got to have a 2nd Christmas this year as well! I'd agree that it's definitely more fun than just having one. Becky you have a great looking family!

Erin said...

Are you coming to the aquarium on Wednesday? I sure hope so! :)

The Howard Family said...

I'm so glad you guys got to have such a fun Christmas! We may be down in Utah soon checking out a possible job....I just can't see myself living in Utah, but money runs the world and jobs are a little necessary. lori

The Howard Family said...

You have know idea how much i would love to come down this weekend, i wish i could, it would be so exciting. I saw Chris Jennings during Christmas and I was telling him about you and we were both wondering were in the world are Aaron and Nathan? He had been trying to track them down.....I'm not sure when we are coming down, a date has not been pinned down yet. But tell everyone hi for me, lately I have felt such a need to reconnect with people. lori

The Howard Family said...

Becky, Becky... you are making this so hard, but I really can't come this weekend. That is so neat to hear about the Sharps. Chris is doing really good he lives in La Grande, he is married and has a little girl. He has his own Media/art gallery down town La Grande, it is very nice. I love hearing from you if you would rather e-mail mine is lorihoward101@hotmail.com

I am going to try to go to the reunion, that would be great if Peter could go. I know there was a meeting in Pendleton over Christmas to start the planning so something should come about. -Lori