Friday, January 25, 2008

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Joseph has had this entire week off school so we've tried to go do at least one fun thing with him every day. Today we took Sophie to the Bean Museum on BYU campus to see all the amazing animals there. We'll get to the zoo eventually, but for now, we had to settle for stuffed animals. But I think Sophie preferred it that way since there was no way they could move and scare her. As it was, she rarely let us put her down for fear that one of the large caribou or the liger might just be able to grab her after all. (By the way, Joseph's jr. high mascot were the ligers, so he has a particular bond with Shasta the Liger at the museum.) Here are some pictures from our little outing.

She wasn't so sure about this big guy.

But if her daddy was holding her, then it was okay.

Sophie loved turning on the lights on all the displays.

This peacock was amazing.

This is a butterfly made up of hundreds of little butterflies and it was incredible.


Scott said...

Go Ligers!!

Tonya said...

she is getting so big...

I have been a lazy bad commenter, but I have been folowing every post...

so here is a really late...

CONGRATS on baby #2

how are you doing?



Annie said...

gotta love the bean museam. the girls love it, i can't get them to stop toughing all the animals. i'm sure sophie will get more brave soon. besides, that bear is huge!