Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Praise to Another Man

Farewell, our beloved prophet...
We will miss you for your love for each of us,
for your stalwart example and testimony of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ,

and for your wonderful wit and humor.

We are so glad you're with your sweetheart Marjorie again, but you will be greatly missed.



The Lambs said...

It was a great funeral. Forget yourself and get to work, and it'll work out are two things I'll remember. Way to go on those cakes, btw. WOWWW! "I sugguust we select a cahk, because da cahk really determeens vat kind of a vedding we're going to hav, so let's juust pick the cahk." (name it...)

Sonja said...

Beautiful tribute, Becky.