Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Friends and Baby Showers

We get together with various friends for play groups and play dates every week. I finally snapped a shot of the kids from one of the groups that we play with a lot. I love chatting with the moms, and the kids love playing with someone else's toys.

It's not easy getting 7 little'uns to all look at the camera at once, so this was the closest I got.

Avery loved this rocking horse and refused to get off, even for the picture. Ride him, Cowgirl!

These are two of my good friends that I've made since moving to California. Sadly, the one in the middle, Wendy, has moved to Ohio and we miss their family a lot. But we're going to have their son marry Avery someday, so we'll see them again. :) The other one is Shannon and I'm very glad they're still here, and will be for a long time (even if we won't). I'm so grateful for good friends!

Shannon and I threw a shower for our friend Kristin who's having her 3rd, a boy, in a few weeks. Kristin and I work together in the Young Women program, and she saves me as a wonderful secretary.

I made these baby rattle cupcakes for the dessert. Hopefully you didn't need me to tell you what they were, that it was obvious just from looking at them. Sophie helped me make and even decorate these a bit and they were fun to do.

Here's a bunch of them on the cupcake stand.

And while Shannon's table and fresh fruit and flowers were prettier before my cupcakes, she was still kind enough to put them on. I also did little baby bottles with M&M's inside for decorations. We had a fun time at the shower and I just love any chance I have to get together with friends!


Jessica said...

the baby rattle cupcakes are such a cute idea! you know, i haven't been to a baby shower in YEARS. isn't that kind of weird? i went to tons when i was pregnant with ethan and since then hardly any at all!

how nice to have good friends where you live. that is always such a blessing. :)

Jessica Hughes said...

Very creative you are with baking. It was a wonderful shower and the food looked great and everyone looked like they had fun. Thanks i had fun.great friends are such a blessing !!

The Hyer Family said...

Cute posts friend...and your baking ideas are ALWAYS the talk of the party--you have to try not to be so good, or people will never stop asking you to make things for them!

Jordan and Jandee said...

Oooh I love those cupcake rattles, so darling!

Holly said...

I love baby showers!!!

Wendy said...

i am grateful for you becky! we miss you guys.