Tuesday, March 09, 2010

What I Came Home To

Joseph gets to spend every Tuesday night alone with the girls while I am gone to Mutual. He comes up with some fun things to do with them and they love the one on one alone time spent with him.

Sophie loves to build forts so last week when she requested a fort, this is what Joseph came up with. I was pretty surprised when I found this waiting for me when I got home that night. We got this tent 5 years ago for our wedding and have never used it. I'm just not in love with camping, especially now that we have kids, but Joseph does like it. He wanted to see what this baby looked like all set up so with some "help" from the girls, they put it up in our living room.

The girls snuggled into the sleeping bags and he said they stayed there, quiet and content, for quite a while. Of course they are each with their favorite lovie: Sophie with Pillow and Avery with Blankie, so that helped a little. I think maybe we're going to have to give camping a try one of these days.


Mitch said...

I Love it! I did the same thing with Savannah about 6 months ago in our living room.

annie leavitt said...

how fun is that?

your girls are getting too big becky! it has been too long since we've seen them. glad you have found some good friends and playdates down south. those are a lifesaver!

kim said...

That's funny! We just did the same thing a couple weeks ago with a tent we've never used. The kids loved it for a day and now its still taking up their entire playroom--I need to go take it down.