Friday, March 05, 2010

Valentine's Weekend

For Valentine's/President's Day weekend we were lucky enough to have my parents come down for a visit, and Uncle Geoff surprised us and came, too. To prepare for it we decided to make sugar cookies to decorate for Grampa Lamb since they're his very favorite.
Sophie and Avery thought they had died and gone to heaven when I put a bowl of sugary goodness, also known as pink frosting, down in front of them and let them have at it. I know most of Sophie's frosting made it to the cookies (in one big blob I might add), but I think most of Avery's just made it to her mouth. She did decorate one cookie...sort of.
See, here's proof. They were especially excited to give Grampa his giant sugar cookie heart that we decorated for him to eat all by himself. I don't know who enjoyed it more, him eating the cookie or Sophie watching him eat it.

We got to spend one day in Ladera with Peter and Abby's family. We swam in their pool, went to the beach to watch the sunset, ate fish and chips at the harbor (or those of us who can stomach them did--i.e. everyone but me and Joseph), and best of all, shot off rockets. Peter worked with Austin on assembling the rockets and all the kids got a chance to push the button to launch it into the air. Here we're helping Avery to know where to push. She wasn't that big a fan of how noisy it was, but she was pretty intrigued by what she'd done.

Sophie and Austin were very content to wait with Uncle Geoff for the rocket to land so they could all run after it and try to catch it.

Gramma Lamb loved reading to all the grandkids, and they sure loved it too.

Avery loves her buddy Gabe. She loves to call him "Gabe-Ri-El!" and says it to me just like that several times a day.

Sophie got to ride Austin's scooter while he rode his bike. She's definitely a total novice compared to him on it, but she still has fun. I love how colorful this picture of her is, even with her blue mouth from the sucker she'd just finished eating.

On President's Day Gramma and Grampa wanted to hike with us up Colby Trail. Of course Sophie promptly laid down in the grass to show Gramma how it's done.

And she didn't mind at all when Gramma spent some time telling her stories as they laid there.

What a good lookin' couple! Love you, Mom and Dad!

I recently discovered this onesie I bought, along with a t-shirt for a toddler (that of course Sophie refused to wear), that I purchased not long after my mission to Poland. I had forgotten all about them and was so glad when I did find them that they were the exact sizes that my 2 kids are right now. They say "Made in America with Polish parts" which isn't exactly accurate since I'm only an adopted Pole, but I'll take any part of them I can get.

We had such a fun weekend and loved having visitors here to share it with! Thanks for coming!


Elizabeth said...

LOVE the onesies!

Sabrina said...

Such fun pictures. It looks like you had a great time with your parents. And I like the onesies too.

Karene said...

Woah, that's so funny...I bought a onesie just like that not long after I got home too. Unfortunately, I have no idea what happened to it. I had totally forgotten about it until I saw this picture. Do you remember where you got yours? What are the chances?!? Anyway, they look cute!!

The McLeods said...

I had one for Brendon that said: Made in America with Brittish parts :)