Monday, March 29, 2010

Tanaka Farm

I'm feeling a little envious right now of people who grew up on a farm. I know it would be a ton of work, but to be able to run outside and pull whatever you feel like eating out of the ground and have it for a snack or a meal would be heavenly.

We got to experience that last week when we drove to Irvine to go strawberry picking at a cute place called Tanaka Farm. Abby invited us to join her and the boys and we were excited to. We had no idea how fun it would be!

We got to ride in a wagon pulled by a tractor that took us all over the farm. The girls thought that part was cool, but the coolness was just beginning.

At each new crop we came to, the guy driving the tractor would stop, get out, and grab a bunch of veggies out of the ground that he would pass out to all of us to sample. My girls aren't too bad about eating veggies, but I was still surprised at how they gobbled these up.

We ate spinach leaves, snap peas, green onions, bok choy, romaine lettuce, celery, and the most delicious carrots I've ever tasted. When the kids were finished with something, they were told to toss it over the wagon onto the ground to go back into the earth. Sophie especially thought that was awesome. All organic, all amazing. And I even got some to bring home with me! We had a delicious greenish/red smoothie later that night.

The last crop we came to was the strawberry patch. They gave us each a container to fill with strawberries and then said we could spend the rest of the time filling our bellies. And oh did we ever.
The girls picked and swallowed to their heart's delight (and so did I)! I only wish they could've let us stay all day!

The girls' faces were covered in strawberry juice and their bellies were filled with healthy, nutritious things. We were very content.

A little cousin lovin' from Austin and Avery. Thanks for inviting us to come with you!

I'm grateful that I can get (relatively) fresh fruits and veggies all year round here, but I still have a little farm envy. I know I could just plant myself a garden, but we don't even have anywhere to do that! It's little pots for us, which will have to suffice. Anyway, we had a great time and will most likely be going back in the summer for the watermelon tours!

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annie leavitt said...

becky- what an awesome experience! i hope to have a farm like that on our land. (minus the tours : )

but i hav eto tell you, i'm looking at what your girls are wearing and thinking "what are they thinking!" "it's way too COLD AND FREEZING to wear that stuff"

oh, yeah, that's just utah.