Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Rum and Bean

We just got back from a trip to Utah to see these two get married.

This is Joseph's brother Hyrum (or Rum) and his wife Julia (who is known to her nieces and nephews as Aunt Bean). They chose the Manti Temple to get married in and were pretty excited to come out as man and wife at last!

It was pretty cold so we all stayed bundled up for the pictures, except for Julia of course who had goose bumps the entire photo shoot. She was tough.

Whoever took this picture for me cut off Willis and most of his family on the right--oops! The rest of the Jensen family is there, though. 7 out of the 10 kids are now married--hooray!

The Jensen boys have a tradition at each wedding of taking a "tough guy" picture. Here's this year's installment of that. They crack me up every time.

Sophie was so excited to wear her "periwinkle" dress. She helped me pick it out and kept reminding me that we had to find something that was "blue and purple". Well, we found something more blue than periwinkle, but don't tell Sophie that.

The girls weren't feeling too hot this night but they did a really good job of being happy and pretty well-behaved.

They got to stay with Gramma Lamb all day until the reception and had a great time with her, as always. Who can complain about making cookies (and subsequently shoveling peanut butter into their mouths) and reading books until Gramma's voice was almost hoarse? Not them! Thanks, Mom!

Another wedding tradition has become singing a song for the wedding couple. Joseph actually has sung at every wedding of his siblings (for ours he serenaded me with a quartet) and this one was no exception. He and I rewrote the words to Michael Buble's "Everything" and he and Miya sang it while Jeniann accompanied them on the piano. They did a great job and I hope Hyrum and Julia loved it.

Joseph and I always have a bet riding on whether or not the couple is going to smash the cake in each other's faces or if they'll be nice. I got first pick for this one and chose that they would be nice. Thankfully I won that backrub!

Erik has begun a tradition of decorating the car and he goes all out (but the best part is he's nice and doesn't do anything to ruin the paint or anything too annoying to clean up). He made a giant hershey kiss for the top of Hyrum's truck because that was how Hyrum first "kissed" Julia. They had quite the exit from the reception but had to stop a few miles down the road to clean everything off. It was a very fun wedding and we're so happy for you guys! Thanks for letting us come be part of your big day. We love you!

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The Lambs said...

I'm so glad you made it down today. Hope those strawberry stains come out! The wedding pics look beautiful! Very creative song writing lyrics!