Friday, February 03, 2012

How'd We Get So Lucky?

I've often thought that if someone showed me this picture (or one like it) 10 years ago and asked what I thought of these three, I would've said what adorable kids they are. Then if they'd told me that these would be my kids I would have probably shrieked with delight at the possibility of me somehow making such cute kids. I know I'm biased, but I think they're just so darn cute.

I love this little charmer, even when he can be a stinker.

And even when he manages to get a new shirt dirty in under 5 seconds every single time.

Sophie has a new favorite stuffed animal just about every day. It's a good thing she's got about a hundred to choose from.

We made these creations out of spaghetti noodles and marshmallows one night for FHE. It was a big hit.

The girls love whenever they have a friend over who wants to play dress-up as much as they do. This was just after Sophie used her spending money to buy herself the Rapunzel wig. I know it's on Avery's head more often than Sophie's so I'm glad they usually know how to share pretty well.

More dress-up play.

Will started taking his first steps at 11 months, thanks in part to this toy he'd push all over the house.

Such concentration! He didn't get up the nerve to walk more than just a few steps at a time right away and crawling was so much faster and easier that it was his preferred mode of transportation for a long time.

Making birds nests out of play-dough.

This is Will's favorite kitchen drawer. Good thing we never eat with these utensils! They're technically my nice flatware, but we just let Will spread them all over the kitchen while I'm making dinner or doing dishes. He gets them all dirty and we will wash them before (and if) we use them.

Sophie loves to love on her brother. We have to remind her to be gentle with him because she can love a little too hard. She also likes to try to pick him up and carry him to me if she thinks he needs to be with me, even if I don't think he needs to be with me. It's almost comical to watch her do it since he goes up to her shoulders when he stands up, and my arms can tell you he's not the lightest load to heft around.

We spent a weekend in Del Mar with Peter and Abby and family at the Hunter's time share. Abby took the kids on a walk one afternoon when Avery saw these fountains, thought it looked like a pool, and climbed right in. No matter that she wasn't in a suit, that apparently is optional. Oh, Avery, you crack us up.

So Sophie and Austin joined her until someone came along and kindly notified them that the fountains are not an appropriate place to play. Could've fooled me! It looks like fun! Love these silly kids of ours!


Emily Widdison said...

No, you are not biased. Those kids are stinkin adorable! Especially the red head:) but then, again, I am biased!!:) Can't believe how big Will is!

Emily Widdison said...

Oh, and we are going to California the 2nd week in April for our Spring you want to come hang with us on the beach in Ventura? You can even spend the night if you want, although you might not want to with your own beds far would it be!? It would be fun to play with our kids!!

Sabrina O'Malley said...

I think the fountain looks like a great place to play too. Happy birthday to Will! And yes, your kids are super cute, bias or not.

Leo and Julie Almeida said...

How did you get so lucky? I hope those genes are passed on to my kiddos too. Can't hog all the cuteness! ;) They are growing up so fast. William isn't the squishable teddy bear anymore. He's a walkin' tot. Love you guys and miss you so much.

annie leavitt said...

my first answer? you pay your tithing.

people who don't pay their tithing end up with ugly kids.

wouldn't that be an awesome yw lesson?! ha!