Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pie Night & Thanksgiving 2011

We had our annual Pie Night at our home the night before Thanksgiving. We had over a dozen pies and a few dozen people came to eat them, but we still had leftover pie!

The best part of the pie for these 3. :)

This year we got to have a lot of family come, like Gabe...

and Jonny and Jamie (with darling newborn Andrew),

and Gramma and Grampa Lamb, Julie, and Geoff.

The next day we spent Thanksgiving at my Grandpa Lamb's in Northridge, CA.

Everyone from my family came except Scott and Tesha who were very much missed.

Grandpa always does up his house with so many fun Christmas lights for the grandkids to enjoy.

Please excuse Sophie...she is going through a stage right now where she likes to stick out her tongue in every picture. (blarg)

Here's our amazing host and hostess...we love you two!

Everyone got a turn holding the newest grandbaby Andrew (or AJ).

Gramma held him while entertaining Will,

Grampa held him and always got him right to sleep (though you are hard pressed to ever actually find him awake!)

We celebrated Abby's birthday a few days early...she's only got a year left in her 20's, folks! :)

So much to be thankful for! Here are all 7 cousins together for the first time. They sure love each other and have fun together. They can entertain one another for a long time, thank goodness! May it always be so!

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