Wednesday, February 01, 2012

William Turns 1!

Look who turned one!

We had our cousins come up to help William celebrate his big day. I think Sophie, Austin, Avery, and Gabe were way more excited about everything than Will was.

I made William a cake to smash (and it was possibly the ugliest cake I've ever made, so it was especially fun to watch it get mutilated) and we sang Happy Birthday outside where he could make a big mess.

He began touching it very cautiously but it didn't take long for him to figure out how awesome this was going to be to eat and play with.

Unlike our first two children Will has had lots of sugar before the age of 1, so the reaction to tasting the frosting wasn't quite what it was with Sophie and Avery, but he definitely still enjoyed it.

The destruction occurred pretty quickly...

much to the delight of Will's siblings and cousins.

"Can I please have a napkin?"

We've taught all our children animal sounds from about 6 months on, and whenever we get to "What does a Cougar say?" we teach our babies to throw their arms up in the air while we yell, "Touchdown!" Will is demonstrating that brainwashing here.

I love giving 1-year olds gifts! This toy is old but hadn't worked in a few months so we just gave Will batteries for his birthday so it would work again, and it was a big hit! Why can't I get away with that with his sisters?

We sure love you, William Badilliam! We hope you had a very fun first birthday!

Thanks for being our sweet boy!
Momma and Daddy

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The Hyer Family said...

cute post and cute boy! If Brooke can be so lucky as to score a date with this one when they're older...! Love the frugality--regifting a toy and giving new batteries! Was that Jospeh's idea?!? Ha Ha!